ePS Integration+ for Amazon Business is a fully automated solution for Amazon Resellers/Diversity Resellers. ePS is more than just an integrator, we are a complete order processing solution. ePS Integration+ provides catalog build and content management, sending automated inventory and pricing updates to Amazon with a couple clicks. It provides a way to automatically receive your Amazon orders, create a cost purchase orders for any chosen distributor / wholesaler and send it to them automatically. In layman's terms, we call this program the catcher’s mitt and translator. ePS Integration+ translates all data that is specific to your distributor / wholesaler, sending order information and even catching the tracking information that is automatically uploaded into Amazon. Let ePS Integration+ manage the catalog and order processing so you can spend your time on sales and customer service.

ePS Fulfill: In non-technical terms, the software is a catcher’s mitt and translator that bridges the gap between Amazon and your distributor/wholesaler.

Automated Process Management, moving the purchase order to your distributor/wholesaler and forwarding the tracking and shipping information to Amazon.

ePS Fulfill captures it all! Automating the receipt of orders from Amazon with customer pricing, creating a purchase order with cost pricing that is sent to the distributor / wholesaler of your choice, capture of shipping and tracking information sent from your distributor/wholesaler and sending it directly to Amazon.

ePS Catalog Management: Manage tens of thousands of SKU’s with just a few clicks. ePS Catalog Manager provides the software solution that small business need to manage their catalog content with Easy Content Uploading, margin management, file comparison and much more. Imagine being able to set different margins for each SKU, or set them by categories, create flash sales and much more. You have to ask yourself how long will this take to manage tens of thousands of SKU’s this way? If we told you less than 30 minutes would you believe us? Schedule a demo today and we will show you how you upload one source content file and apply single or multiple pricing scenarios to your product line.

ePS Integration+ removes all major manual processes. Gone are the days of manually retrieving orders from MSW (Amazon web service) for fulfillment. Our ORP (Order Retrieval Processing) automates the retrieval and processing for the Reseller at scheduled intervals.

  1. We Convert the Amazon pricing to Distributor Purchase Order
    1. Hurdle: Inbound Amazon sale has resale price, Outbound PO to distributor needs cost price
    2. PRA - Part Retrieval API – developed by ePS
    3. Amazon sends sales the order with customer (resale) price. PRA converts sales order with Distributor (cost) price to create Purchase Order to Distributor.
  2. Delivery of Purchase Order to Distributors
    1. Hurdle: Manual entry of purchase order into third-party or distributor web portal for fulfillment
    2. Seamless automation of transaction from Amazon to the distributor with no manual intervention
    3. Hurdle: Each distributor has unique method for order receipt
    4. Ability to customize documents from ePS to the distributor (i.e., custom XML for SPR)
  3. Convert the bill from the distributor into an invoice for Amazon
    1. Hurdle: Manual entry of acknowledgement and shipment information back to Amazon
    2. Hurdle: Manual entry of item cancellation based on the distributor acknowledgement
    3. Ability to automate transmission of the acknowledgement, cancellation and shipping information
    4. Phase 2: Ability to create a second call to an alternate distributor to reduce line item cancellations
  4. Streamline Business through Automation, Reporting
    1. Hurdle: Manual entry of the Sales Order and Purchase Orders, Bill, and Invoices into Accounting System for reconciliation
    2. Hurdle: Recording and tracking Amazon commission fees
    3. Ability to report sales and invoicing through the use of two Fulfill sites
    4. Ability to track and report commission at the line item level

Our software solutions are first in class, fully automated and affordable, but that's just the start. Our people, our customer service and our continuous innovation make us the clear choice. Please schedule a demo today!