Cardinal Health is an essential link in the health care supply chain, providing pharmaceuticals and medical products to more than 60,000 locations each day. The company is also a leading manufacturer of medical and surgical products, including gloves, surgical apparel and fluid management products. Cardinal Health employs more than 30,000 people worldwide.

Business Problem

Cardinal Health wanted to provide a centralized purchasing portal to a very diverse and wide-spread user base. They needed to provide access to multiple vendor contracts in a standardized format, allowing them to manage indirect purchasing for their employees and business partners.

Implementation Scope & Requirements

  • Single solution for all indirect spend
    • Ability to host and manage contracted catalogs
    • Multiple catalog views based on type of end-user
    • Ability to process payment via credit card or creditline
    • Ability for users to manage their own shipping addresses and CC information
    • Ability to have users reconcile own credit card statements


ePS Procure...

  • Simplified processes for internal ordering
  • Configuration to support budget adherence
  • Systems integration
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited users

ePS Catalog...

  • Catalog configs to accommodate needs of various store types
  • Flexible content management tools
  • Look and feel similar to online shopping sites

ePS Fulfill...

  • Electronic PO receipt, payment and reconciliation

Deployment in Summary

Cardinal Health successfully deployed the single solution to 15,000 end users in hundreds of locations in one single communication. Users were transitioned from ordering from the separate websites of multiple suppliers to one single portal. Because all user data was pre-loaded, users were able to quickly login, verify shipping and payment information and begin shopping same-day. They were able to consolidate multiple diverse, manual ordering methods down to one simple standardized solution, easily accessible to all users.

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