ePS P-Card Control and Management screenshot

ePS (eProcurement Services) is a cloud-based eProcurement platform that can serve as an essential partner to your P-Card program. We are CISP-certified and PCI-compliant which represents the highest level of security awarded by the credit card industry.

This means that we not only securely store credit card /P-Card information but securely pass the card information on the Purchase Order to your supplier, and then we process the credit cards on your behalf ensuring that your P-Card information remains secure and protected from fraud.

Each supplier uses our platform to receive purchase orders and send invoices, which guarantees customers that Level III line item detail is passed on every invoice.

VISIBILITY into how your organization is spending money for products and services

CONTROL who/what/when /how your organization manages spend

AUTOMATION of the entire procurement to payment/reconciliation process

STANDARDIZATION of all elements of the procurement process

Simplify your P-Card program requirements

Get the data you need to become more effective and efficient

Protect yourself from fraud

Control payment upon receipt

Our software solutions are first in class, fully automated and affordable, but that's just the start. Our people, our customer service and our continuous innovation make us the clear choice. Please schedule a demo today!