Amazon Business

ePS Integration+ for Amazon Business

ePS Integration+ for Amazon Business is a fully automated solution for Amazon Resellers/Diversity Resellers. ePS is more than just an integrator, we are a complete order processing solution. ePS Integration+ provides catalog build and content management, sending automated inventory and pricing updates to Amazon with a couple clicks. It provides a way to automatically receive your Amazon orders, create a cost purchase orders for any chosen distributor / wholesaler and send it to them automatically. In layman's terms, we call this program the catcher’s mitt and translator. ePS Integration+ translates all data that is specific to your distributor / wholesaler, sending order information and even catching the tracking information that is automatically uploaded into Amazon. Let ePS Integration+ manage the catalog and order processing so you can spend your time on sales and customer service.

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Diversity Program

No one has more experience bringing together Buyers and Diversity Suppliers or Resellers. For more than a decade, we have helped hundreds of organizations reach their diversity spend goals by enabling ANY socioeconomic certified supplier to participate in ANY eMarketplace.

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eMarketplace Program

We bring excellence to your procure-to-pay process. For the Buyers that don't require integration to a procurement system, we offer a flexible, web-based eMarketplace. We check all the boxes for Operations, Purchasing and Finance stakeholders with controls, detailed reporting, invoicing and PCard processing. Whether you are a Buyer looking to bring standardization and automation to your procurement processes or a Reseller who is looking to bring a value-add to services you already offer, we have the solutions you are looking for.

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Veterans Program

As a partner to the National Veterans Business Development Council, we connect Buyers with Certified Service Disabled/Veteran Owned Businesses in an eMarketplace environment. We help purchasing organizations achieve SD/VOB spend targets and we help any size Veteran supplier participate and/or integrate into any Buyer's procurement system.

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Why Choose ePS ?

Glad you ask. Here are some main reasons.

Level III Line Item Details

Level III line item detail is included on every invoice. Not only does this make Accounting happier, it reduces merchant account fees on credit card purchases!

Use P-Cards in a PCI-compliant, CISP-certified environment

We are PCI-compliant and CISP-certified. We not only securely store P-Card information but securely pass the card information on the Purchase Order to the supplier, and then we process the credit cards on behalf of the supplier.

Secure, Robust & Scalable

Our software is fully scalable, flexible and protected by the highest level of data security. Access is secured through unique logins.

Responsive & Fee-Free

Our team is located in our offices in Michigan, providing for faster response times, and innovative team-based problem solving. In addition, our Customer Support is always available at no additional cost.

Audit Ready

Our Supplier side software interacts real-time with our Buyer side software, populating shipment and invoice information directly onto the Purchase Order record. An exact three-way match between order, shipment and invoice can even be confirmed through the Receiving function. Bring on the auditors!

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Configurable dashboard reporting is available on requisitions, purchase orders and invoices down to the line item level. All reports are exportable to Excel.