Veterans Program

The National Veteran Business Development Council is pleased to announce a new and unique opportunity that brings together, for the first time, Certified Veteran Owned Business and Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Business partners and the Corporations that wish to purchase from these businesses.

NVBDC eMarketplace

VISIBILITY into how your organization is spending money for products and services

CONTROL who/what/when /how your organization manages spend

AUTOMATION of the entire procurement to payment/reconciliation process

STANDARDIZATION of all elements of the procurement process

What is the NVBDC eMarketplace?

NVBDC has partnered with ePS, a web-based provider of spend management solutions, to build the NVBDC Marketplace. The NVBDC Marketplace is an on-line shopping environment that will bring together Corporations and NVBDC-certified suppliers into a one-stop shopping experience for Veteran Owned Business purchases.

The NVBDC eMarketplace offers:

  • Centralized online portal for shopping across multiple supplier catalogs
  • Ability to route orders for approval
  • Ability to include financial assignments (G/L coding) at the line item level
  • Robust reporting for both Buyer and Supplier
  • Automation and standardization of the purchase order and invoice process for both Buyer and Supplier
  • Ability to process pCard purchases securely and return Level III line item detail on every invoice.
  • And much more!

How Does The NVBDC eMarketplace Help Corporate Buyers?

NVBDC Marketplace creates one central portal for the Corporate buying customer, making shopping from Certified Veteran Owned Businesses simple and efficient, while bringing added value such as the ability for the Corporate buying customer to route an order for approval or include financial assignments needed for their purchasing and accounting processes. This will streamline the purchasing process and remove barriers for spending funds on products from target suppliers.

By participating in the NVBDC eMarketplace, you reap these benefits:

  • One place for staff to go for easy access to a selection of suppliers
  • All suppliers are Pcard enabled in a secured CISP certified marketplace
  • Increase the use of your PCard to maximize rebates from your PCard provider
  • Ability to purchase items from multiple suppliers in one shopping cart. Each supplier will receive a separate order with just their items once the cart is processed
  • Simplify reconciliation of monthly Pcard card statements using Transaction Log with Level III line item details on every invoice
  • Eliminate pricing discrepancies – - Since suppliers are using standardized software for invoicing, price field is locked and cannot be changed
  • ePS is the PCI compliant credit card processor for the suppliers –enabling any supplier to receive payment via credit card and send back Level III line item detail
  • ePS is CISP certified by the credit card industry to securely store and process credit card information. No calling the supplier with card information or sending via email or fax
  • Ability to add financial assignments by user. Ability to add spend controls such as hierarchy approval and more.
  • Unlimited, on-going support and training