Diversity Program

ePS Procure addresses an organization’s Purchase Order management process, spend visibility, and spend controls. This robust solution standardizes and automates the Procurement to Reconciliation cycle for your indirect / MRO spend.

VISIBILITY into how your organization is spending money for products and services

CONTROL who/what/when /how your organization manages spend

AUTOMATION of the entire procurement to payment/reconciliation process

STANDARDIZATION of all elements of the procurement process

Struggling to reach your diversity spend goals?

Confronted with the need for accurate reporting of diversity spend?

Challenged by how to put diversity options in front of your buyers?

Let ePS show you how it’s done!

With more than ten years in the business of connecting Buyers and Diversity Suppliers, we can provide the solution that you are looking for:

  • Auditable and reportable Diversity spend
  • Ability to route requisitions for approval
  • Ability to add GL coding at line item level
  • Ability to utilize a budget
  • Ability to pay via pCard in a PCI-compliant, CISP-certified environment
  • Receive all invoices with Level III line item details
  • Robust reporting for complete spend visibility
  • Transaction log for ease of reconciling pCard statements

For more than a decade, ePS has partnered with Diversity Resellers and Suppliers to build capacity, gain efficiencies and enable participation in eprocurement environments.

We give Diversity Suppliers the ability to capture electronic purchase orders from any procurement environment and return an electronic invoice in a standardized format.

Through our unique solutions, Diversity Resellers are the “Supplier of Record” and have the capability to:

  • Receive ePurchase Orders and return eInvoices
  • Provide their customers an eMarkteplace
  • Securely accept and process credit card or pCard orders
  • Support 3rd party procurement platforms
  • Integrate to any ERP
  • And Much More!

Empowering Diversity Companies

We specialize in helping Diversity Companies participate in any procurement environment. Using our solutions to accept your purchase orders and return eInvoices, we bring standardization and automation to Diversity Companies. Because they are on our platform, every supplier can accept ePurchase Orders and return eInvoices with Level III Line Item Detail on every invoice, every time. They can securely accept and process credit card and pCard orders. They can integrate into your ERP. They don’t need an IT Team; our web-based platform only requires that the Diversity Company has access to the internet.

Build a Marketplace

You want to drive your buyers to purchase from your Diversity Suppliers and Resellers. You envision one-stop shopping to make it easy and seamless for your buyers. This is easy to achieve with a Diversity Marketplace. Bring all diversity opportunities onto one stage. Gain the benefits of a full eprocurement platform with features such as ability to add financial assignments at the line item level, and the ability to route orders for approval. You direct users to the suppliers and products you want them to purchase from. Robust reporting tools provide you with all the data you need to accurately account for your diversity spend .You achieve diversity spend targets and your diversity suppliers benefit from expanded business – it’s a win/win!

Use Resellers

We have over a decade of experience working with Diversity Companies as Resellers or “supplier of record” for Distributors such as Office Depot, Grainger, Staples, Fastenal, and VWR. Through established relationships with both the Diversity Companies and the Distributors, we can help introduce you to the opportunities that this will afford your organization. Using our eprocurement solution (or through any other procurement platform), we can make the connection between your buyers and the Diversity Reseller seamless, automated and standardized. Further, you have access to auditable and reportable diversity spend – every Purchase Order and every Invoice, including Level III Line Item Detail.