ePS Catalog

(Electronic supplier catalogs with pictures, description, UOM, price, MSDS, more...)

ePS Catalog provides both Buyers and Suppliers access to a powerful catalog engine for building, managing and displaying product content. Supplier catalogs, with images and attachments, are easily constructed, approved, and published for end-user access.

  • Ease of use with standard template for upload
  • Allows for images and attachments for every item
  • Complete Catalog History (Revision History Tracking)
  • Content additions and edits are easily discerned with difference reporting
  • Content approval controls for Supplier Compliance
  • Transparent & collaborative content approval status communication between Buyer(s) and Supplier(s)
  • Ability to manage multiple views for various users

For more information, email us at sales@eprosvcs.com, or schedule a demo here.