Why ePS?

Ability to support National, Regional and Local Suppliers

One of the greatest benefits of the implementation of the ePS suite of solutions is the supplier-side software, ePS Fulfill. ePS Fulfill allows any supplier to receive electronic purchase orders and return e-invoices with Level III line item detail on every invoice, every time, guaranteed.

Because every supplier is using ePS Fulfill for invoicing, the buying organization experiences these benefits:

  • Control pricing – supplier does not have the ability to change pricing on an order
  • Control overshipments – supplier cannot invoice for more than the ordered amount
  • Control shipping and additional charges – these fields can be opened or locked down, as directed by buying organization. This can be varied by supplier.
  • Control tax application – tax field can be locked to prevent tax from being applied to tax-exempt organizations
  • Level III line item detail on every invoice – Level III line item detail includes standard information such as billing address, zip code & invoice number, plus Sales Tax, Freight, any additional charges, and line item details including part number, part description, quantity purchased, unit of measure, unit price and line item totals.
  • Ability to process credit card information securely – using ePS Payment, we process credit cards on behalf of the supplier, providing complete credit card security for both buyer and supplier.

Ability to provide auditable and reportable Diversity spend

ePS has a solid and long-standing reputation in the management of Diversity Partner programs. As the technology partner to dozens of M/WBE and Veteran suppliers, we enable any size supplier to support the volume of business produced by large customers through technological efficiency. Whether the Diversity Partner is the direct vendor, or the supplier of record in a relationship with a National vendor, our platform builds capacity by streamlining and automating basic business processes, allowing the Diversity Partner to participate in any eProcurement initiative.

Ability to pay via pCard in a PCI-compliant, CISP-certified environment

The ePS platform is PCI-compliant and CISP-certified. CISP certification and PCI compliance means we have adhered to an industry-standard framework for a robust payment card data security process -- including prevention, detection and appropriate reaction to security incidents. We exceed industry standards in solidifying our hardware and hosting facilities. We complete a rigorous screening process to remain compliant and certified by VISA. We adhere to a strict annual audit conducted to ensure continued compliance.

Ability to piggy-back on GSA Schedule

The ePS Platform and ePS Services are included in a GSA Schedule under Aeon Nexus (GS-35F-0238M). This allows any public entity to contract ePS through Aeon Nexus at pre-approved contract pricing.