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ePS Programs
Introducing CLICK2BUY
Educational institutions face the hurdles of addressing maintenance routines, repair requests, assigning personnel, acquiring parts and supplies, staying within purchasing compliancy and reconciling their expenditures. Traditionally, these have been very distinct and disjointed processes resulting in time losses, financial impacts, customer frustrations and inconsistency of information.
This new integrated solution helps you gain efficiencies by combining work order management, e-procurement, and inventory management into one comprehensive solution—helping to save you time, money and inventory space and liberating you to spend more time focused on maintaining your campus and less time wasted on paperwork and administrative tasks. Read More!
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ePS adds 34 Michigan school districts with over 500 schools. More details coming soon!
ePS is proud to announce we've parternered with Michigan College Alliance. More details coming soon!
ePS's newest partners launch 2 national growth initiatives. More details coming soon!